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February 8, 2018

“Deep State”,: the Script

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“Deep State”: The Script

Imagine a suspenseful, blockbuster movie where the President of the United States, as his political party in power, conspires with his political appointees in the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) against the presidential candidate of the opposition party to assure his lost and influence the results of the election.  However, this is not a movie and those involved are not actors.  Instead, this is the biggest scandal in American history.

Through the discovery of text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and his mistress and fellow agent, Lisa Page, they reveal the plot as “an insurance policy” in August 2016 to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.  FBI Deputy Director “Andy” McCabe is identified in the text as the other players involve includes Obama’s FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates.

The “insurance policy” plot begins in April 2016 when Perkins Cole, a law firm representing Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) paid Fusion GPS $12 million to do opposition research on Donald Trump.

In May 2016, Nellie Ohr, the wife of Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, begins to work for Fusion GPS.

In June 2016, Fusion GPS hires ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who does not want to see Trump as president, to compile false allegations from Russian operatives in what has become known as the “Trump Dossier.”  Bruce Ohr, who works with McCabe, establishes a “close” relationship with Steele.

In July 2016, the FBI, through McCabe, opens an investigation into allege collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  (McCabe’s wife Jill was running for State Senate in Virginia and received $500,000 in campaign donations from Clinton.)  Steele shares the salacious dossier with the liberal media, echoing false information as fact.

On September 2, 2016, Page texted Strzok about prepping Comey because, “potus (Obama) wants to know everything we’re doing.”

In October 2016 the FBI (Comey) and DOJ (Lynch) obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump and associates using the dubious dossier, concealing false information and operative research from the judge, as well as using a false media report designed from Steele as supportive evidence.  Both Comey and Lynch would have briefed Obama of the warrant and surveillance against Trump and associates.

McCabe under oath to Congress in December 2017 admitted “no surveillance warrant would have been sought” from the FISA court “without the Steele dossier information.”  Comey later admitted the dossier was “unverified.”

And the greatest scandal in American history to undermine the will of the voters would have worked if the American people did not revolt against the corrupt Clinton machine and elect Donald Trump as president.  Instead the Washington swamp, the liberal media, and “Deep State” were left in shock changing the narrative to Trump-Russian collusion as the reason for Hillary’s loss.

On Election Day 2016, Strzok wrote, “OMG THIS IS F***ING TERRIFYING.” Page replied, “Omg, I am so depressed.” Later that month, on Nov. 13, 2016, Page wrote, “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.”

A Special Counsel, led by Robert Mueller, who ran the FBI for 12 years before Comey, put together a team that included Strzok, Page, and other Trump-haters to investigate Trump and find collusion even though Strzok’s texted to Page on May 19, 2017, stated “no big there, there.”

The “Deep State” scandal began as cover for other scandals including Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of the TEA party, Benghazi, Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, and the hidden server by Hillary where 33,000 emails were deleted, Top Secret files were unsecured, cell phones were smashed, and computers were acid washed while under FBI subpoena.

And who was the investigator for Hillary?  None other than Strzok.  While the criminal statue calls for “gross negligence”, Strzok changed the wording to “extreme carelessness” in Comey’s exoneration letter, which was written months before Hillary was even interviewed.

This was not a botched burglary like Watergate.  This was a coordinated conspiracy of the “Deep State” scripting together their fix without anyone finding out.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at


February 1, 2018

And the Democrats Just Sat….

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And the Democrats Just Sat….

During President Trump’s State of the Union Address, he introduced Ji Seong-ho, who escaped North Korea despite losing both his left arm and leg from a train while gathering coal and food for his family.  He traveled 1,000 miles through Asia on crutches to find freedom.  When President Trump introduced Ji Seong-ho, he proudly stood on his prosthetic leg lifting his crutches as a symbol of his new freedom.
As President Trump expressed hope of unity in a divided nation, the faces of Democrats and leaders like Nancy Pelosi showed a scowl, stone face lacking emotion.  He referenced issues and slogans that should bring all American together, regardless of political ideology including our pledge to our great flag and how we must stand for our National Anthem.  While Republicans stood and cheered, the Democrats sat in shameful opposition.  Republicans chanted, “USA, USA.”  One Democrat, Luis Gutierrez stood only to flee the House Chamber.  When President Trump mentioned our National Motto, “In God We Trust”, Democrats remained silent and seated.  Democrat Senator Cory Booker stated Trump used religion, patriotism to divide America.  Unfortunately, those have always been two issues that always brought America together.  America has always been strong because despite individual differences, our politicians always rallied around America’s traditions of values, principles, and beliefs.

When President Trump was elected, the Democrats stated that the economy was going to collapse due to his policies.  However, the economy has accelerated and President Trump touted his first year of 2.4 million new jobs.  Republicans stood and cheered while the Democrats just sat.  President Trump announced that unemployment was the lowest ever for Black Americans and Hispanics.  The Republicans stood and cheered while the Democrats just sat.  President Trump announced a rebuilding of our military and support for our veterans.  Republicans stood and cheered while the Democrats just sat.  Some uninterested Democrats sat looking at their cell phones disinterested.  President Trump hailed the great work of our first responders, including a member from the Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Deptartment.  Republicans stood and cheered while the Democrats just sat.  President Trump acknowledged security of our border, tax cuts, religious liberty, the Bill of Rights, and more.  It didn’t matter what the issue, the Democrats just sat.

There is no ways to bring unity to those who want division.  If we, as Americans, cannot unite under the simplest terms of patriotism for our nation and flag, how can we unite on anything else?  Ji Seong-ho should offer his crutches to the entire Democrat party to assist them to stand up for the freedom that Ji Seong-ho never experienced for most of his life.  Those crutches were his symbol of freedom and would be well used by the Democrats to get them to stand for America’s freedom.

Frank Aquila is the author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at

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