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October 8, 2016

What Trump MUST say to respond to Hillary’s Attacks

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What Trump MUST say to respond to Hillary’s Attacks

Comments about Women:

Hillary:  You have said many horrible things about women, pointing to a 2005 video

Trump:  What was recorded happened over a decade ago and I have apologized for what I said.  But you Hillary have not apologized about any of the women you have smeared, especially the multiple number of ladies who accused Bill of rape.  You slandered them.

You slandered many Americans when you called them recently a “basket of deplorable.”

And since you want to bring up something that happened a long time ago, let us remember when you were an lawyer, and you laughed about getting a pediphile a lighter sentence after he raped a 12 year old girl so bad that she could not even have children later in life.

Even further Hillary, you pretend you are a champion for women but you took millions from Saudi Arabia to get elected president. And Saudi Arabia does not provide rights to their women.  That is hypercritical of you.



Hillary:  You lost ONE Billion in taxes in 1995

Trump:  I was within the law and by the way Hillary, you took the same deductions I took.

Oh, and you also deducted ONE Million dollar on your taxes to yourself when you donated the money to the Clinton Foundation.  So you took money from the taxpayers with a deduction to yourself?

And how did you and Bill earn a quarter of a Billion dollars when you have not employed anyone or sold any products?

Also, could you explain to the American people how you LOST 6 Billion at the State Dept while under your control.  Where did 6 Billion go Hillary?

And since we are talking about losing something, did we not lose 4 American lives in Benghazi when you failed to meet their security requests?  Didn’t you lie to the American people, claiming that the attack was a result of a YouTube video when you knew it was an Al-Qaeda attack?

And speaking of security didn’t you LOSE 33,000 emails and also claimed you did not know that the information on your computer was classified?


Won’t Release his Taxes:

Hillary:  He will not release his taxes

Trump:  Have my taxes threatened national security?  You will not release your emails.  As a matter of fact, your emails and your cell phones were under subpoena and your staff destroyed 13 cell phones


Nuclear Saudi Arabia and Japan & his liking of Putin:

Hillary:  You have made comments that you think Saudi Arabia and Japan should have nuclear weapons.  Donald should not have the nuclear codes

Trump: You have provided one of the worst terrorist nations a Free Pass to get nuclear weapons in Iran.  Not only did you lay the ground work for this to happen; but we gave this terrorist nation 1.7 Billion and 400 Million as ransom money.

And funny how you think I should not have the nuclear codes.  If you have them Hillary, they will end up on your hacked computer and everyone will have them.  You might even sell them to some investor for a donation like you did when you approved the sale of 20% of our American Uranium that ended up in the hands of the Russians because of you.  The thing I can say about Putin is that he knows how to work you and Obama to get what he wants.


Mexicans Minorities, & the Wall:

Hillary:  He has called Mexicans rapist and criminals.

Trump:  Hillary, you left out “not all Mexicans.”  There are good Hispanics; but there are many criminals, including drug cartels and gangs, that have come into America and this has to stop.  These neighborhoods are hurting and the people living there are scared.  And the only thing you think will solve it Hillary is to take guns away from law abiding citizens.  You are for open borders.  You want to allow more and more people to sneak into our country, and undermine those who are coming here legally.  This is putting a burden on our national debt, which is 20 Trillion very soon.  The cost of those here illegally is affecting our healthcare, prisons, education and so much more.  We need to make sure we prevent those from coming here illegally and reward those that go through the process legally.



Hillary:  He has said that those from Muslim countries should not come to America.

Trump:  I have revised my statement that those Muslims that are from known terrorist nations who hate America and Americans don’t belong here.  Hillary wants to increase the number of those Muslims from terrorist nations by 550%.  We do not know who these people are.  Even ISIS has stated they have mixed among those who are coming here to bring jihad to America.  We need to make America safe and not risk another terrorist attack.


Used people for Business purposes:

Hillary:  I have met people who have been used by Donald in the business world

Trump:  I have employed thousands of Americans, including women and minorities.  How many have you ever employed?  Most have only good things to say about my record.

Now Hillary, the same people you have stated that I have taken from, you have taken when you show up for a quick $250,000 speech and take the money and run.  Who was that money taken from?  It was taken from the poor workers and you Hillary kept it for yourself.  That is how you and Bill got rich off the little worker.



Hillary:  Donald is extreme and prolife

Trump:  Hillary is willing to take a life in the last moments of a pregnancy called partial birth abortion.  She even praised Margaret Sanger, the woman who started Planned Parenthood.  I would like to ask Secretary Clinton why did you praise and express your admiration for Margaret Sanger, who has called blacks and Hispanics “human weeds?”


Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at


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