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October 2, 2015

Guns needed to STOP Jihad on Christians

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Guns needed to STOP Jihad on Christians

Not known to most, in 2014 President Obama granted asylum to 1,519 Muslim terrorist refugees, who committed terrorist acts “while under duress.” These terrorists, who have military-type training and provided material support to terrorists organizations, including ISIS, were allowed to enter the United States through an “Exercise of Authority” by the Obama administration. Not only do they have the right now to live here; but to also receive the benefits and rights associated with living here. Yet, at the same time that Christians are being executed and beheaded throughout the Middle East, Christian refugees were denied access to America while trying desperately to evade death from these radical Muslims. However, thousands of Muslims were transplanted around America at the cost of the taxpayers.
In Roseburg, Oregon, nine more Christians were executed by a radical Muslim. The media refused to point out this murderer was a practicing Muslim, who posted on his “Myspace” account his passion for Islamists with photos of “Mujahadin”, which is defined as a military force of Muslim guerilla warriors engaged in a jihad.
Almost immediately after the terrorist attack, Obama then lectured America about our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. Not once did Obama mention that the terrorist sought out Christians and demanded those who are Christian to stand up, stating, “Stand up if you are a Christian” before executing those individuals. No. Instead he used this opportunity to lecture America about our gun laws in an effort to limit honest and law abiding Americans with their right to have a fire arm for their protection.
There have been 105 murdered recently in eight separate acts of terror in “Gun Free Zones” across America. In the 2009 terrorist attack at Ft Hood, Texas, Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan shot and killed 13 of our own soldiers, who were not allowed to carry their weapons on base. In Tennessee, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez killed four military personnel at a military recruiting center in a “Gun Free Zone.” Navy Lieutenant Commander Timothy White, who used his own personal firearm to kill Abdulazeez, which prevented more death, then faced criminal charges for having a firearm in the “Gun Free Zone.” There should be no such thing as a “Gun Free Zone.” Had responsible citizens been allowed to carry their firearm in such areas, many lives would be saved and these terrorists would not be so emboldened to believe that they can go to an area and kill as many people as they can before law enforcement can arrive.
Obama never mentioned the multiple deaths daily in Chicago, even though they have some of the strictest gun laws in America. Obama also failed to bring up his failed “Fast and Furious” plan to provide 3,000 firearms to Mexican drug cartels, which were used to kill two border patrol agents, which Obama himself denied congressional oversight by involving executive privilege.
If you restrict guns away from those who are law abiding citizens, it is only the criminals who will have the guns. Due to Obama’s “Exercise of Authority” to grant terrorists into America, Americans will need those guns to fight back against terrorist attacks. Guns are not the problems; but are the only defense Americans will have to stop Jihad in America.
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