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October 18, 2014

Obama, Ebola, and the threat to America

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                                          Obama, Ebola, and the threat to America
On August 9, 2014, a global emergency was declared about the threat of Ebola, a highly contagious virus that has a 70% death rate according to the World Health Organization.  Thousands have already died, including 233 doctors and medical workers according to a CNN report on October 12, 2014.  It is now estimated that the number of people (and animals) infected with the virus are doubling every three weeks and presumed that 1.4 million people will have the virus by January 2015 since there is no vaccination.
In 2006, Dr Eric Planka, an ecologist, warned that an outbreak of Ebola worldwide could eliminate 90% of the human population since the virus is both airborne, highly contagious, and deadly.  To cause further concern, it is estimated for every four known cases of Ebola, there are six unknown cases due to people unreporting it or not wanting to be quarantined. .

So what has President Obama done to protect America?  Little to Nothing.  For two months since the global emergency was announced, air travel continued into America despite 30 other nations stopping or limiting air travel to and from the infected areas of Africa.  Even screening for fevers can be avoided if one were to take an Advil or Tylenol before screening.  Nothing prevents people from lying to prevent being quarantined or those in immediate contact during travel being infected, who at that moment have no symptoms or knowledge that they are carrying the virus.

Thomas Eric Duncan contracted the virus in Liberia and flew to Texas, where he died in a Dallas hospital.  Two medical workers, who treated Duncan, contracted the virus, even though they went through the right protocol.  One medical worker then traveled to and from Cleveland in flight, unaware she had the virus, had a fever and was granted permission by the Center for Disease Control to fly.  Since then, those that she has been in contact with are limited and the other medical staff are not allowed to fly commercially.  Yet, at the same time, America is allowing flights to continue to and from the infected areas?

In another asinine decision, Obama has also sent 3,000 of our military to the infected areas in a humanitarian effort, which caused two retired generals to be outspoken against the decision.  Now, 3,000 of our military could easily be affected by the virus, bring it back to America, to their families, and to each of us.

In another mind boggling decision, Obama then appointed a new Ebola response coordinator, who has no medical background or infectious disease experience.  He is a lawyer and was Chief of Staff to both Vice President Joe Biden and Al Gore.  Hardly qualifications to be a coordinator against a serious deadly virus.

Obama was slow to respond to the threat and again makes several poor decisions that further threaten each American.  First, he wanted to spread the wealth.  Now it is to spread the virus.

Frank Aquila
President, South San Joaquin Republicans
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