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August 31, 2013

An American – Al Qaeda Alliance?

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                                                  An American – Al Qaeda Alliance? 

Syria is in a civil war of Islamic extremists with both sides shouting “Allah Akbar”.  On one side, you have President Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran.  On the other side is the Muslim Brotherhood alligned with Al Qaeda, the terrorist network responsible for September 11, 2001.  Both sides are sworn enemies of America! So why would Obama want to engage in this conflict?  It is because Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Lybia before Al Qaeda attacked our embassy in Benghazi, killing four Americans prompting Obama to cover the reason of the attack from a You Tube video. The American people now know it was a lie.  Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt, funneling American tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood before the removal of Mohammad Morsi.  It is also now known that Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Malik operated the “Barack H. Obama Foundation”, which received full tax-exempt status from Lois Lerner, the same IRS employee who allegedly blocked conservative and Christian organizations from tax exempt status.

Obama is pushing for military action against Syria due to the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) on the Syrian people.  How ironic that during the Iraq war, President Bush received congressional approval for war after Saddam Hussian used WMD on the Iraqi people.  Democrats and the media blamed Bush after no WMD was found, despite Iraqi General Georges Sada admitting that the WMD was secretly brought to Syria.  So the WMD is found in Syria just as Sada had said, making those who said that “Bush lied” looking like fools.

Obama doesn’t know what his goal is in Syria.  An attack will only disrupt the Middle East more with Syria and Iran announcing an attack on Israel in retaliation. The Russians are furious and sent there attack ships to the region.  England and France have backed away and Obama is looking foolish.  However Obama intends to assist the Muslim Brotherhood, making Al Qaeda and America ironically allies on the same mission?

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