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February 25, 2012

Democrats energy plan hurting all Americans

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On the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration, gasoline prices averaged $1.83 per gallon nationally.  In two short years, prices have more than doubled and today it is $4 and even $5 per gallon.  Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, stated in 2008 that it is his desire to boost gasoline prices to the $7-$9 per gallon.  Obama followed Chu’s statement that he would prefer a “gradual adjustment.”  Well, America is getting the “gradual adjustment” and if Obama gets another four years, we will have $7-$9 per gallon gasoline. 

In spite of the Obama administration’s attempt to pass blame on others, he can’t hide from the truth.  He has no energy policy. America is dependent on foreign oil.  Currently, 70% of the oil we use in America is imported from foreign nations.  However, we have the ability to become energy independent and drastically lower the cost of oil, as there is more oil in America than in all of the Middle East combined.  There are abundant oil and natural gas reserves in the Outer Continental Shelf off the California coast, the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), and many other locations throughout America. 

In the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region, the Green River Formation, which spreads through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, there is an estimated two trillion barrels of untapped oil, which is the equivalent of eight times the amount of oil in Saudi Arabia alone.  

In 1995, Republicans attempted to open a desolate area in Alaska (ANWR) for drilling and the Democrats blocked it stating it would take 10 years before we start getting oil.  That was 17 years ago!  America could be energy independent today; but all attempts have been blocked by Democrats and environment wackos.   

Today, Obama has vetoed the Keystone Pipeline from Canada through America that would not only assist America with oil; but also would have assisted Americans with much needed jobs.  

Democrats polocies are blocking America from placing her own oil on the world market, which would stabilize our own economy, re-fund Social Security, pay off our national debt, and place millions of Americans at work in the oil and gas industries while we bridge the gap to alternatives forms of energy.

Instead, the Democrats non-existant energy policy will continue to be a problem for all Americans.  


Frank Aquila

President, South San Joaquin Republicans & author of “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”

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February 17, 2012

Obama’s Unconstitutional Attack Against Religion

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                                               Obama’s Unconstitutional Attack Against Religion 
With all the problems in the world, including high gasoline prices, high unemployment, a national debt over 15 trillion, Iran on the verge of a nuclear weapon, and Israel about to attack Iran, the Obama administration has chosen an unconstitutional attack against religion and attempted to force Catholic organizations to pay for contraception as part of the unconstitutional national health care law, requiring all employers, which include pro-life religious organizations and businesses, to cover birth control for their workers.
The Constitution clearly states that religious organizations are protected in their expression of religious beliefs and that their shall be “no law” “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  If a law is enacted that allows the federal government to force a religion to pay for something that the religion teaches is wrong, then you’ve violated that principle.
Now Obama has come out and mandated that instead of the religious institution paying for the contraception or other forms of birth control, insurance companies will be forced to supply the coverage.  Why should the government mandate any business to provide “free coverage” for anything?  This in itself is also unconstitutional and is it really free?  Of course not.  The tax payers are paying for all of this.  So who benefits from such a law?  Follow the money.  It is Planned Parenthood, which is a huge supporter of the Obama administration. 

The Obama administration has given $1.5 billion to Planned Parenthood, including a 133% increase in funding for clinics in America.   One billion in tax money has also been given for international abortion groups.  Planned Parenthood is an organization that profits from each abortion performed.  Not surprisingly, all of the Planned Parenthood local action organizations and affiliates voted unanimously to recommend endorsing Obama for president, and he has rewarded their endorsement.  Within minutes of Obama taking the presidential oath of office, the official website was changed to add language supporting pro-abortion policies.

The Democrats today are establishing many laws against the right to life.  President Obama has appointed numerous liberals from pro-abortion organizations, such as National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), into critical positions within the government.  Obama and the Democrats are pushing through a federal bill, called the “Freedom of Choice Act,” that would end parental notification or consent for abortions on minors, mandate taxpayer-funding of abortions, allow abortions in military hospitals, end waiting periods before having an abortion, deny doctors the right to refuse to perform abortions, overturn many abortion clinic health regulations, and legalize partial-birth abortion.  (See

It is no wonder President Obama has appointed John Holdren as his science czar.  Holdren has advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions and mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply.

The Obama administration is abusing their power in the government with unconstitutional attacks against the church and other religious organizations.  This is not about providing a free service, it is about government power over the people and the church.  As President Thomas Jefferson stated,  “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….”


Frank Aquila

President of the South San Joaquin Republicans


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