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November 22, 2011

Who is Occupy Wall Street?

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Who is Occupy Wall Street?

Do the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters really represent the people? Their supporters, sympathizers, and sponsors include the Communist Party USA, American Nazi Party, Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam, Revolutionary Communist Party, Socialist Party USA, Black Panther Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Communist Party of China, International Socialist Organization, and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Several organizers of the movement have also been invited guests to the White House. President Obama, Vice-President Biden and Nancy Pelosi have also encouraged and supported the movement.

The main objective of the Socialist/Communists is to remove Capitalism, which is described by Socialist/Communist leader Saul Alinsky to “burn the system down” and rebuild a new one. He encouraged “civil disobedience” through “hope” and “social change”, a similar motto used by Obama. They are funded by Socialist billionaire George Soros through organizations like ACORN, which was involved in voter fraud and employed Obama as a lawyer. The Communist Party USA has already endorsed Obama for president in 2012 stating his agenda is the same agenda of the Communist Party USA. They want to rewrite the US Constitution and make government all powerful over the people, which is why Communist support Occupy Wall Street.

Frank Aquila is a Manteca resident and president of the South San Joaquin Republicans. He is also the author of “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at


November 3, 2011

Liberal Media Lynching of Herman Cain

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Liberal Media Lynching of Herman Cain

The biggest threat to the liberal force in America is a successful black conservative, who thinks for himself and left the noose behind on the Democrat plantation. For too long, the Democrats have used black America with lies and deception that the government is their only mean of survival. The liberal media will seek and destroy any conservative who is capable of exposing their strategy and Herman Cain has become their biggest threat. All Cain was ever accused of was “jesters” of sexual harassment. There were no charges or touching – just accusations. What this “is is” (Remember Bill Clinton?), a real political lynching of cherry picking news against a black conservative. When Clinton was accused of actual sexual assault, sexual harassment, exposing himself to women, as well as oral sex in the Oval Office, the liberal media said it is his personal business. The liberal media never told you about Obama and the accusations and evidence of a homosexual relationship he had with Larry Sinclaire or the murders of Obama’s homosexual friend, Donald Young, who along with two other homosexual men from Obama’s church, were murdered within 60 days of each other in 2007 as Obama was running for president. The media never exposed the ties Obama had with Communist Frank Marshall Davis or admitted Marxist and terrorist, William Ayers, which Obama launched his political career from his home. There are so many things that America does not know about Obama since the media has refused to look into his background and expose who he really is.
Herman Cain has lived the American dream becoming a successful business man from the roots where his father held a job as a cook, barber, and chauffeur. He is a minister with core Christian values. And for all the liberals who have accused anyone voting against Obama as a racist, Herman Cain is 100% black, which is more black than Obama. Herman Cain is their biggest threat and the media is using their power of deception and perception to seek and destroy a black conservative, who exposes the liberal plantation, which is why the lynching has begun.

Frank Aquila is a Manteca resident, president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.

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