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August 24, 2011

“Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” ~ Reviews Summary

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What Are People Saying About ‘Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere’?
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Here’s a compilation from some happy readers:

Best Book EVER! — WARCHICK Resa LaRu Kirkland

“Mr. Aquila, this was written grace and lexiconic perfection, a pleasure cruise through the most momentous decision of the 2008 campaign, and all from one man who did the research and would not quit once he knew he was right. And history has confirmed it: Mr. Aquila got it right. Whether you would vote for Sarah for President or not doesn’t matter; this story is the KARATE KID of politics, and Mr. Aquila our own stoic, unflinching, Mr. Myagi. For that I say “thank you” and … BONZAI!”

The “TRUTH” about Sarah Palin that the mainstream media will never tell you! – Carlos Garcia, Host of The Batcave

“After reading, Mr. Aquila’s book, “Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere”, I came away with a new understanding as to why our corrupt politicians (from both, the now mostly “communist” Democrat party, as well as the elite RINO Republican party) not only hate the former Alaska Governor, but why they also want to destroy her politically, without any merit whatsoever. From her past record as a politician in Alaska, we find out that Mrs. Palin has fought off foreign big oil, in favor of creating American jobs in the oil industry. She took her state from the brink of bankruptcy, and gave it a $2.5 billion surplus by the time she left office. She cleaned up corruption in her state, by bringing to justice, politicians from both parties. If ever you wondered why she really “quit” her job as Governor, her political enemies brought forth “frivolous” lawsuits (all of which were eventually thrown out in court) against the Governor and her family, in order to attempt to destroy her politically, because of her actions as an honest politician. Her list of accomplishments as Governor of Alaska would have made Ronald Reagan jealous when compared to his accomplishments as Governor of California. Yet, this God-loving, Family-loving, honest, American patriot, has been constantly vilified by our mainstream media. She is anything but the “dumb bimbo” the media has made her out to be, so the question is, why?”


“The result of Frank’s research assures that SARAH PALIN OUT OF NOWHERE is a veritable eye-opener, addressing the serious issues facing America today: our economic crisis, out-of-control spending and illegal immigration, unemployment, public education, crime, social issues, need for energy independence, political corruption, death of serious and truthful journalism and increase in media and government propaganda, homeland security, domestic and foreign enemies, growing and successful efforts to undermine the U.S. Constitution at the highest levels of government and in the judiciary, and a slow-but-methodical elimination of God from our public arena.

“Frank compares Conservative- and TEA Party-values to the Democrat and Progressive agenda. He compares America’s foundation of freedom and capitalism to the opposite tenets of socialism, communism, Alynski radicalism, the Soros shadow party’s control and influence over hundreds of America’s organizations (including infiltration into all levels of our government) and the New World Order. In the process, he paints a realistic picture of exactly where America stands today on the world stage. He compares the dream America’s founding fathers envisioned and intended, based upon faith and personal responsibility, to America’s current state of general lack of faith and personal responsibility. He compares the core personal and ideological differences between President Barack Obama and Governor Sarah Palin, as well as their pasts and records.”

Well-written, thought-provoking and timely. — Jeff Lemasters

“This book is a one-of-a-kind in the political genre. Although Mr. Aquila spends considerable time giving us Governor Palin’s background and political viewpoint, the heart of this book is the story of an ordinary American who tried to make a difference for all Americans. The compelling message is that Mr. Aquila was able to make a difference just by standing up for what he knew was right. In delivering this message, he exhorts each of us to do the same. If you are tired of standing on the sidelines, this book will help get you out of teh armchair and into the political game.”

A Truly Inspirational Book. — The Texan

“Reading the book is a joy. I found myself inspired by Frank’s personal story. Here’s a man, like many of us, who was concerned about the situation around him and took time to get involved. His story relates well to any Tea Party member. Frank is living proof that anyone and everyone can make a real difference, if they just get up and do it!

“Throughout the book Frank lets us in on the conversations he had with various officials, complete with e-mail exchanges and more. The book is well referenced and well written.

“Frankly, if this book was only about Frank Aquila, and had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, I’d recommend everyone read it. It’s that interesting and that inspirational. The story of Sarah Palin from Frank’s unique perspective from within the McCain campaign is icing on the cake.

“I strongly recommend Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere. It really is a must read for any patriot who wants to get involved, but isn’t sure how, or if they even matter. As a reader, you will quickly realize that you most certainly do matter. You will be inspired, I guarantee that!”

The Political Bible for Conservatives. – Jerrald O. Johnson

“This book is FAR more than the story about getting Sarah selected. This book spells out the reason this country is under this cloud, and exposes the red flags voters should have seen in 2008. The REAL gem is really the chapters that deal with the current threats from the socialists in the current government and solutions for making America a great Nation once again.

“Any American Patriot who is concerned about their country, needs to read this book , take ownership of the information, and stand up for getting this Nation back to being “of the people, for the people, and by the people.”

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