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July 24, 2011

My Review of the Sarah Palin Film “The Undefeated”

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The Undefeated: A Review by Frank Aquila

Stephen K Bannon’s documentary of Governor Sarah Palin called The Undefeated premiered in select movie theaters across America in mid-July. I was fortunate enough to take the 400-mile drive to Orange, California to view this full-length film of perhaps the most exciting political figure in this generation of American history.

From the very beginning, I was stirred with both excitement and anger as Director Bannon referenced a verse from the book of Matthew in the Bible separating good and evil. As the caption of the verse stated, “Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit,” good is represented by Governor Palin and those closely associated with her. However, the verse continues, “A corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit”, which is immediately followed by a shocking and unbelievable series of vile hatred, slanderous words and repugnant attacks perpetuated by the mainstream media, pop culture icons and Hollywood celebrities in their sick quest to discredit and destroy both Governor Palin and her family politically and personally. Director Bannon reminds us through a verse caption, “Wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them.”

We live in a day where most politicians are not trusted. Many people cannot tell the fundamental differences between the two major political parties. The consensus by most of the electorate is that the political process has been hijacked by corruption and corrupt politicians. The Undefeated explains why Governor Palin is the un-politician. She is not led by political ideology; but rather by morality and ethics with a spirit of love for America. Governor Palin has gone after unscrupulous Republicans and Democrats, as well as the major oil companies.

Through the raw-knuckles lifestyle of the frontier of Alaska, the film depicted the hardship of pioneer life in the early Alaskan days. It also conveyed the moral character of Governor Palin, who lived her life as an average American woman, starting a family and getting involved in politics out of concern for the future of her children. Her upbringing would reflect in her public service to the people as Mayor and Councilwoman of Wasilla, Commissioner of the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Governor of Alaska, to her selection as the Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee in 2008 with Senator McCain.

As the film reflected on her time as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, you can see clearly how her efforts transformed the town. Her policies allowed for the expansion of businesses as roads were paved and utility services were established — all while simultaneously cutting taxes on the citizens of Wasilla. Governor Palin’s success, leadership, and interest in energy led her to a position as a commissioner on the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. There, the documentary outlines how then Commissioner Palin was underestimated by the established elites and expected to go along with “politics as usual.” She bucked the trend and resisted the unethical behavior and violations.

The Undefeated shows how Governor Palin became a champion for the reform of ethics in government, which positioned her to handily win the Alaskan governorship. The film focused on her ethics legislation as well as her fight with the major oil corporations over their lack of progress on leased land in Alaska, which she claims belongs to the people of Alaska. Sarah took on the big oil companies and threatened their leases before progress was finally made. The film shows the progress on the natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states. Governor Palin limited government spending and cut even those earmarks put in by Republicans.

Next the movie briefly reflects on the 2008 Presidential campaign, highlighting Sarah Palin’s natural ability to connect with the average America as it revisited many campaign stops featuring thousands of people lined up to see her. There was palpable electricity was in the air not only on the screen but in the movie theater as well and I found myself struggling to hold back the tears of joy in this positively charged atmosphere. However, the tears of excitement and memories would soon turn to sorrow as the film went on to expose the Alinsky tactics of deception, lies, and manipulation that would plague Governor Palin far beyond the 2008 election, thanks to the orchestrated attacks by the liberal establishment. Filing multiple frivolous ethic violations against her for the specific purpose of preventing her from effectively doing her job and placing an enormous financial burden upon her and her family, they sought to destroy her. The ethics complaints became so overwhelming that in the interest of her family and the state of Alaska, she resigned. The film then identifies one individual who made an invalid ethical complaint against Governor Palin, simply to create more problems.

And yet, they failed.

Because Governor Palin is a fighter infused with courage, integrity and persistence; she will not be defeated, but will continue to fight back as the film triumphantly ends with the TEA Party movement and a glimpse of Sarah’s fight against Obama’s policies with the stirring call to action, “Game on!”

The Undefeated and Governor Palin can be described in a summary of three E’s – Energy, Ethics, and Excellence!!!

Frank Aquila is the Founder and President of South San Joachin County Republican and the author of the forthcoming book, Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere, due out in mid-August.



  1. Thanks for your review of the movie. I’m looking forward to reading your book when it is available.

    Comment by Pianogirl88 — July 24, 2011 @ 1:31 am | Reply

  2. Excellent review. I saw it in Orange,CA too and agree wholeheartedly. The large audience was totally engaged, bursting into multiple cheers throughout the film. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should see this film. It is a real eye opener about the corruption of politics and the human spirit’s will to prevail against all odds!

    Comment by Andrea Wilkerson — July 24, 2011 @ 2:26 am | Reply

  3. With appreciation for this review. It is hoped that it will be widely seen.

    Comment by E. Levenson — July 24, 2011 @ 2:28 am | Reply

  4. Excellent review, Frank. Excellent. If this is an example of the material in your upcoming book, you have a bestseller on your hands.

    Comment by Jim Meyer — July 24, 2011 @ 3:18 am | Reply

  5. Hope to see that movie soon… Im excited by your excellent review.

    Comment by Ron — July 25, 2011 @ 12:17 am | Reply

  6. Very nice review Governor Palin seems like a very tough woman who could go a long way.

    Comment by Matthew Campbell — September 6, 2011 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

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