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March 6, 2011

Socialist Society to a Communist Community – Feb 2011

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In the month of February, gas prices have risen to the highest point since 2008 but no one is bashing Obama like they did Bush. After increasing government spending to 24% over the past two years and expanding our national debt to over 14 trillion, Obama revealed a budget of higher taxes; but enough money (180 million) was set aside by GMC (also known as Government Motors) to pay 45,000 employees a $4000. bonus even though they have an opperating loss. I guess Obama will need the union workers to assist him in 2012. France has just announced the dollar to be worthless and wants to replace it as the worlds currency while Michele Obama forgot we live in a capitalistic society and wants to control the portions of food you eat at a restaurant. Health authorities are pushing for drugs to be added to our water supply that cause depression and memory loss. So much for safe water. Governor Niel Abercrombie of Hawaii and friend of Obama admitted he could not find the Long Form Birth Certificate of President Obama while Hawaii Health Director, Dr Neal Palafox, quit one week after admitting it “does not exist.” Russia now has the “strongest ever” nuclear war head and it does not violate the START treaty signed by Obama. England refused to sign the treaty and now we have given their secrets to Russia. So much for our closest allie. Obama also spoke out against our allie, Egypian President Hosni Mubarak and in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood while saying nothing to support the protestors that want democracy in Iran and were shot by their Muslim Dictator. The F.B.I. also stated there is a 100% chance we will be hit by weapons of mass destruction and an agent confirmed that WMD had been found. To finish it off, Al Gore has stated that the cooling in the earth “is a result of global warming.”

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