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November 27, 2010

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The Socialist Republic of California

Should the Republican party change its philosophy in California? After sanity swept across the nation to repeal the socialist movement of the Democrat party, insanity remained a Democratic party stronghold in the Socialist Republic of California. With a biased left leaning media and educational system, a heavy union based workforce, a large number of individuals dependent on government needs and services, and a government friendly system to entice illegal immigrants with free programs and assistance, California has removed itself from being known as the “Golden State” to the “Welfare State”.

High taxes and an anti-business environment have caused 3,000 tax payers to leave the insanity state each day. Businesses are closing or moving to another state or country making California’s unemployment rate the highest in the nation. As a result, the tax base has decreased while those expecting more from government has increased creating a huge problem for California This is a huge problem the Democrats have created for themselves and without governmental cuts that have been granted to so many in the state, the Democrats have to take full responsibility without blaming the Republicans.

The last election showed through various propositions that people are against taxes and fee increases. When the Democrats steamroll taxes and frustration erupts, the people will not just recall a governor but finally turn from a party that has ruined the state. At that point, the Republican party will be the alternative to save the state. Until then, the Republican party should not become a mini democrat party wanting to appear the same; but stand on clear solid principles of national security, low taxes, individual responsibility and limited government through reduced spending and exposing government waste.

Frank Aquila is a Manteca resident and president of the South San Joaquin Republicans. He can be emailed at


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