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October 1, 2019

Democrats Coup Attempt to take out Trump

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Democrats Coup Attempt to take out Trump

Before, during and after President Trump’s election, Democrats have been desperately trying to find a way to remove him.  After repeating a lie of Russian collusion that proved to be fruitless, they have turned to second hand information, which is called hearsay, as evidence to start an impeachment inquiry.  You can’t even use hearsay to get a parking ticket; much less impeach a president?  That didn’t matter to Democrats.  They had started the impeachment inquiry before they read the transcript or done any investigation to verify any information.  Democrat Congressman Al Green had stated, “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”  There is the Democrat’s motive to go after Trump at all costs.

Here are some facts the American people need to see.

Someone in the intelligence community changed the rules for whistleblowers just before the whistleblower came forward.  (Deep State) Prior to the rule change, whistleblowers had to have firsthand knowledge of the conversation since gossip, rumors, and hearsay is inadmissible.  This whistleblower did not hear the conversation and the allegations did not match the actual transcript which Trump released.

The whistleblower’s allegations accused Trump of pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s, with Democrats arguing military aid was held up as part of that effort.

Trump had held up military aid prior to talking to Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky and expressed concern about corruption from the previous administration; but military aid was never discussed and Zelensky acknowledged previous corruption and was the first to bring up Trump’s attorney, Rudy Guiliani, who was gathering information of corruption in his opposition research on Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, had sat on a board of a natural gas firm called Burisma Holdings, getting paid $50-84,000 per month while having no experience of natural gas.  So then, what was he being paid for?  It was alleged Hunter’s presence and alleged payment of $3 million to Hunter was part of an “access influence” scandal, which caught the eye of Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin to investigate Hunter.

Joe Biden, as vice-president, demanded the firing of the prosecutor or the U.S. would withhold $1 Billion in aid to the Ukraine.  Biden recanted and bragged about the firing stating, “I said ‘you’re not getting the billion’” to former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.  Biden continued, “I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours.  I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours.  If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money’”.  “Well, son of a b—h, he got fired.”

Trump responded back to Zelensky that he hoped he was going to “look into” this.  Zelensky later stated there was “no pressure” and later reaffirmed, “Nobody pushed me.”  There was no discussion in the transcript of military aid being held up or being used as leverage to seek assistance on Biden.

Trump insisted he wanted to make sure the country was weeding out corruption before providing the funds and the New York Times had to admit the Ukrainians were unaware the money was frozen in the first place since the money was released.

It was later revealed that Attorney General Bill Barr had asked Trump to make introductions to foreign countries that might have pertinent information for US Attorney John Durham’s investigation of misconduct by the intelligence community, improper surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign, as well as whether Democrats were the ones who’d improperly colluded with foreign actors which prompted the Mueller Investigation.

This may also explain Trump inquiry of “Crowdstrike”, a cyber security company believed to be linked to Ukraine that investigated the hacked DNC server, which the DNC refused to provide any information to the FBI.  Makes you wonder, “What were the Democrats hiding?”

Trump was well within his right to ask a foreign leader to look into crimes.  An individual like Joe Biden does not become immune from prosecution just because he is running for president.

Democrats have no crime, which is why Congressman Adam Schiff made a fool of himself reading the transcript out of context in a way for everyone to believe that Trump was guilty.  What crime was violated?  Nancy Pelosi still cannot cite one section of the United States code where anything done by Trump was illegal.

The Democrats want to impeach Trump for trying to expose a crime and then elect the person who committed the crime.

This impeachment inquiry is a coup attempt by Democrats to take out a duly elected president and smear him with lies in an effort to destroy his chances of being reelected.  That in itself should have every American concerned regardless if you voted for Trump or not.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at


September 29, 2019

Left-wing Lunacy for September 2019

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Left Wing Lunacy for September 2019

Democrats showed their lunacy in September with desperate measures to impeach President Trump. With such hatred and desires to expose him to any possible crime, they have now destroyed the chances of Joe Biden becoming president by actually exposing Biden to the same crime Democrats were trying to accuse Trump of doing.  Biden had bragged as vice-president how he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating his son by threatening to withhold 1 billion dollars in funding unless the prosecutor was fired.  Since the liberal media did not cover this crime, most Americans did not know of such corruption by Biden.

This was right on the heels of Democrats also attempting to tie Judge Kavanaugh to another “Fake News” sexual assault story.  Democrats got all excited and immediately began calling for impeachment until learning the story by the New York Times was uncorroborated with the alleged victim having no knowledge of the incident, causing the Times to issue a devastating correction.

It seems loony liberals want to impeach first and gather the facts later.

The loony Democrat candidates took the stage in September suggesting a ban on straws and burgers at their presidential debate.  It was even stated, “We’re going to be OK if the vast majority of the world goes vegetarian immediately.”  Colin Strother, a Democrat strategist, sees the lunacy calling the suggestion a “fringe position that is out of step an overwhelming majority of Americans”, eluded to there not being any moderates running for the Democrat nomination.  In essence, the Democrat party has been hijacked by radicals.

These are the same radicals that want to ban straws but hand out free syringes with needles to the drug users on the street.

Democrats also admit their desires to confiscate guns from America as Robert Francis O’Rourke, who goes by “Beto” to manipulate Hispanic voters, stated, “Hell yes. We’re going to take your AR-15”.  Democrats nationwide have been calling for resolutions to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Bernie Sanders even suggested for future generations to abort the future generation for population control.

Speaking of radicals, Democrats organized by Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez raised money for 36 ANTIFA terrorists, who were arrested for assaulting police officers.  In Massachusetts, the radical district attorney attempted to drop charges against those who assaulted officers, including throwing “bottles of urine”, “bottles of chemicals”, rocks, and other unidentified material at officers.  The mayor of Portland defends his decision to allow ANTIFA the right to block traffic and harass motorists and Portland sports fans booed a 9/11 US Military Swearing in Ceremony at a sports complex.  The governor of Oregon has also signed a law ending the death penalty for killing an officer unless it is premeditated.

In California, Governor Newsom made it legal for citizens to refuse to aid police who ask for help, reversing the Posse Comitatus Act of 1872.

Democrats also have “blood on their hand” when a Democrat appointed judge threw out the conviction of the illegal alien who shot and killed Kate Steinle.  The Democrats seem to feel it is okay for illegal aliens to have guns; but not American citizens as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors branded the NRA as a Domestic Terrorist Organization; but nothing is said against ANTIFA. ANTIFA, like the KKK, was organized by Democrat radicals, uses masks to cover their identity, and uses terrorism to silence those they oppose politically.

California Democrats have begun releasing violent criminals from prison at the same time imposing gun restrictions on citizens with Governor Newsom pardoning seven felons, including two illegal immigrants to allow them to avoid deportation.

Democrats in California also don’t mind foreign interference in our elections as California will spend $100 million in taxpayers’ money to ensure illegal aliens are counted in the 2020 Census for more government funding and representation in the Electoral College.

House Democrats have also proposed to block Trump’s aid to farmers to relieve farmers of the burden of tariffs as Trump seeks a fair trade agreement.  Seems the Democrats are cheering for a recession and want pain and suffering in America in order to blame Trump.

The Democrat party has also officially become the party of the non-religious and the irony of Congresswoman Illam Omar, who has been exposed in an affair, promotes Islam, which punishes those who commit adultery with death.

Black unemployment hit another record low as another poll showed an increase of 20 percent approval of President Trump in Black America.  Meanwhile, citizenship applications approval for new US citizens reached a 5 year high.

In Utah, the Betsy Ross flag was banned at a Major League Soccer game as a “symbol of hate” and George Washington University has removed their colonial mascot because some feel it is a symbol of “oppression”.

Last, in San Francisco teachers were recorded indoctrinating children by coaching them to chant, “Who do we hate? Donald Trump” at a school rally.

This is just some of the left-wing lunacy for September 2019.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at

August 30, 2019

Left Wing Lunacy for August 2019

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Left Wing Lunacy for August 2019
Democrats continued their lunacy into August
Now that the Trump-Russian collusion proved to be false, the Democrats turned back to their old playbook of calling Trump and Republicans racists. However, many black ministers throughout America fought back. Reverend Darrell Scott stated, “There is nothing racist about President Trump” and Reverend Bill Owens stated, “President Trump does not pick the people he attacks because of color. He attacks anybody he feels needs it.”
A Harvard/Harris poll in August also revealed seventy percent of all Americans and 63 percent of Black America and 61 percent of Hispanics said they would be more likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who stands for “strengthening our border to reduce illegal immigration”. Also, according to a Zogby poll, 49 percent of Hispanics approve of ICE raids. I suppose now the Democrats will call these Blacks and Hispanics racist for supporting President Trump’s policies.
If racism doesn’t work, the lunatic left is hoping for a recession. Bill Maher stated, “I hope for a recession to get rid of Trump. Sorry if that hurts people.” Never mind the 7 million jobs already created and Americans who are now working because of Trump’s policies. In essence, Democrats want Trump to fail so they can blame Trump for the suffering. As Democrats were hoping for Americans to hurt from a recession, President Trump’s tough policies are bringing China to the negotiating table to bring “Fair Trade”, which is something Democrats oppose.
August also brought some mass shootings; but the Democrats ignored that the Dayton shooter was a supporter of socialism and Democrat Elizabeth Warren. They also ignored the rhetoric they spewed that caused ICE agents to be shot at in San Antonio, TX or the Philadelphia officers that were shot by a thug with a firearm illegally. There was also the knife attack in California that killed four people. There is no law or background check that would have prevented these attacks. Yet, we must remember that Democrats blocked efforts to alert ICE when illegal immigrants failed a firearm background check. There was also irony that the El Paso shooter traveled nine hours to El Paso, the location where ANTIFA was planning to meet to spread their mayhem. ANTIFA also used their masks and violence to attack people in Portland, OR using baseball bats and clubs while using masks to cover their faces. The irony that those in Hong Kong were protesting, carrying an American flag in a quest for freedom on about the same time those in Portland, OR were waving the communist flag demanding government control!
Radical and anti-Israeli Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar both were backed by a group called Miftah, which is an anti-Israel group that supports attacks against Israel and described suicide bombers as “sacrificing their lives for the cause.”
In California, the Democrats either thought they could change the U.S. Constitution or forgot the requirements established to become president when they passed a bill requiring the presidential candidates to show their taxes in order to be on the ballot. Obviously, they were referring to President Trump and would not mind denying millions of Californians the right to vote for him. Honestly, I would not mind a background check for all presidential candidates to be assured they meet the three constitutional requirements, which are at least 35 years old, required to have lived within the United States for at least 14 years, and must be a “natural born” citizen, which would only be proved through a birth certificate. I assume California Democrats don’t mind wasting tax payer’s dollars on frivolous lawsuits.
While California Democrats want to change the Constitution, they also don’t mind Governor Newsom putting out a video explaining to illegal aliens how to obstruct ICE.
California Democrats are also trying to remove authority from school officials by imposing AB 419, which prohibits suspensions of students “who disrupts school activities or otherwise willfully defies the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or school officials,” beginning July 1, 2020. I guess only 6 year old boys who steal a kiss of another girl on the playground or make a gun out of a pop tart will be allowed to be suspended.
In New York, Democrats opposed Assembly Bill A08527, which would make it a felony to throw a substance on an officer. Seems like Democrats want to make sure their supporters (ANTIFA and other lunatics) are not in jail on Election Day. However, Democrats have pushed for rapist, murderers, terrorists, and others in prison to be able to still have their right to vote.
And now, if you are a rapist, murderer, or terrorist in San Francisco, you are no longer called a “convicted felon”, you are called a “justice-involved individual”. I am sure loony Democrats don’t want to hurt their feelings while they freely defecate on the streets.
An August Gallup poll also revealed a four percent drop in voters identifying themselves as Democrats from 31 percent to 27 percent nationwide, while those identifying as Republican or Independent has increased by two percent each to 29 percent and 38 percent. Seems like more people are realizing they do not want to identify themselves as a lunatic Democrat.
And that is just some of the lunacy from Democrats in August 2019.
Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and can be emailed at

August 6, 2019

Who are the real racists?

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Who are the real racists?

In 2016, President Trump went to the black communities and asked for their vote stating, “What do you have to lose?”  Trump was implying how the Democrat party has taken for granted Black America as Democrats only come around during elections with fear of “racist Republicans” to keep Black America on the Democrat’s plantation.

How did Black America get controlled by the Democrats?  After all, it was Republican President Abraham Lincoln that led the fight against slavery and a bloody Civil War to free Black America while the Democrats fought to enslave Black America and started the KKK to keep them in control.  The Democrats fought against Martin Luther King, who was a Republican, and was assassinated by a Democrat.  A. Phillip Randolph, a black Republican, organized King’s 1963 March on Washington.

President Lyndon B Johnson realized that it was impossible to hold back Black America, and thought they might as well vote Democrat.  He stated, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.  Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference…  I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”  Johnson, who fought against the Civil Rights Act of 1957, then signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act granting Black America equal rights.  Just like that, Johnson gained 94 percent of the vote from Black America in his reelection.  Since that time, all black communities in major urban areas were controlled by Democrats. A political plan to promise the black community just enough while relying on their vote.

After Trump was elected president, he kept his word and brought a plan of pro-growth and pro-family policies, which created more opportunities that has resulted in record employment to the black (and other) communities.  Wages went up.  Home ownership went up.  He established an Opportunity and Revitalization Council to restore insalubrious black neighborhoods.  He fulfilled his promise for prison reform and wants school choice to allow those in poor communities an avenue out of failing schools.

A 2018 Rasmussen poll showed President Trump’s approval in Black America quadrupling since Election Day had Democrats full of fear.  They must do something to keep Black America on the Democrat plantation.  They call Trump and all Republicans “racists” and those who are black conservatives are “Uncle Toms”, “Oreos”, or  “Sellouts”.  When Kanye West expressed his support for Trump, a news reporter stated, “Kanye West is what happens when negros don’t read.”

Now Trump is exposing these black communities that are controlled by Democrats.  When Trump called Baltimore “infested” and “mismanaged”, he was immediately labeled a “racist”.  Yet, billions have been sent to assist those in Black America with millions “unaccounted for” while the last three mayors of Baltimore have all stepped down or been forced out of office due to corruption.  How hypocritical for Trump to be labeled a racist when Democrats like Elijah Cummings, whose district is Baltimore, also referred to his district as “infested” in 1999.  Democrats said nothing when Bernie Sanders referred to Baltimore as a “third world country” in 2015.

Black pastors throughout America like Darrell Scott have stated, “There is nothing racist about President Trump”.  During an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Lemon suggested that Trump was “racist” which Pastor Bill Owens shot back, “President Trump does not pick the people he attacks because of color.  He attacks anybody he feels needs it.”

Democrats are scared to lose the black vote as Trump is making things better for Black America while exposing corruption in poverty stricken, rat infested plantations ran by Democrats.  Not known to many is that there were once black slave owners in America who used black people for profit and power ( much like in today’s Democrat party.

Black conservative Candace Owens recently stated, “What Black America hoped Obama would be, is everything Donald Trump is.  It’s undeniable.

So who are the real racists?  They would be called DemocRATS!

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at

July 30, 2019

Left-wing Lunacy for July 2019

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Left Wing Lunacy for July 2019

Democrats continued their anti-American agenda into July protesting a one day Independence Day parade as costing too much; but they didn’t mind a whole month worth of “Gay Pride” parades and events nationwide.  The anti-American Democrat presidential candidates also had no American flag present during their first debate.  Ironically, at the same time, North Korea displayed several American flags welcoming President Trump, who became the first American president to step into North Korea.

I am sure several Democrats will begin wearing Nike after they cancelled their American flag sneaker when Colin Kaepernick called the design offensive.  These Democrats also all raised their hand signaling support for free health care to illegal aliens during their presidential debate.  Democrats are now on the record promising to raise taxes, confiscate our guns, take away our health care, and open border with promises of lifetime welfare and freebies for all.  Some of these Democrats have learned how to say, “Las Cosas Mas Gratis”, which translated in English means, “the most free stuff”.

Democrats had hoped to find something to impeach President Trump during Robert Mueller’s testimony.  Even several liberal media outlets called the testimony “a disaster for the Democrats” with distraught Democrats turning against Mueller.  Yet, the Democrats, in their lunacy, continue to try to spin impeachment and investigation all over again.  At the same time, an investigation by the Department of Justice will reveal that the Democrat party initiated the Russian Hoax.  They know there will be future indictments, which is their reason to smear Attorney General Bill Barr.

Then there is the irony that Democrats state “nobody is above the law” while supporting sanctuary cities.

Democrats also became unplugged after the Supreme Court approved $2.5 billion to be used to build the wall.  Democrats forget that the US Constitution was written for Americans only.  It is not the World Constitution.  It is the US Constitution and the president has the duty to protect our America from invaders because non-citizens and criminals do not process rights under the US Constitution.

When Democrats in congress made anti-American and anti-Israeli comments, including Illan Omar’s refusal to condemn al-Qaeda’s attack on 9/11, liberals became unhinged when Trump responded if you don’t love America, you can leave.  Then, Democrats played the race card when Trump pointed out that Baltimore was “rat infested” and poorly managed with the people suffering.  However, no one criticized other Democrats for saying the same thing, including Bernie Sanders in 2015.

Left wing loons can’t want conservatives silenced.  Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson actually said, “Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace.  We’re gonna shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted”.  (I guess that includes me since she is a left-wing loon.)

In California, the land of lunacy, bill (SB288) is proposed by Democrats to allow illegal aliens to hold leadership roles in the state and bill (SB132) will allow all men in prison, who now identify as a woman to be placed into women’s prisons as long as they say they are “transgender”.  As of July 1st, Californians began paying $.75 per gallon in gas tax (highest in the country) and with an average of 50,000,000 gallons bought per day ($37.5 million in taxes per day), where is all that money going?   No wonder according to, 53 percent of those living in California want to leave.

In Berkley, CA, there are no “policemen” or “manholes”.  Men have been removed.  Makes sense since there are not many “real men” left in these strange liberal looney cities.

In Minnesota, Somalian schools are teaching Sharia Law

James O’Keefe revealed in an undercover video, Antifa fight instructors teaching activists how to inflict pain on their targets.  In Oregon, Antifa attacked targets with crowbars.   Reporter Andy Ngo was also severely beaten by Antifa.  Imagine for a moment if an individual in a MAGA hat made such an attack.  Jesse Smollett tried to incite such an attack with the prosecutor dropping all charges.

America!  Love it or Leave it.  And that is just some of the left-wing lunacies for July 2019.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and can be emailed at

July 20, 2019

The Democrat Presidential Pretenders

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The Democrat Presidential Pretenders

When John F Kennedy became president he stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country.”  Today, Democrat presidential candidates might as well be stating, “Ask what your country can do for you- and not what you can do for your country and I will promise to give it to you.”

Democrats have promised more freebies speaking in both English and Spanish.  They have sold out America with Open Borders knowing there will be a rush to the border of all for more freebies, which ultimately would plunge America into a third world nation of poor dependent people voting for the government to take care of them.  In essence, more Democrat voters.

These Democrat presidential pretenders will say and do anything to get votes.  Elizabeth Warren is a white woman pretending to be Indian.  Robert Francis O’Rourke is an Irishman going by “Beto” pretending to be Hispanic.  Kamala Harris has a Jamaican father and a mother from India pretending to be African American.  Bernie Sanders is a millionaire pretending to hate millionaires.  Joe Biden, an old white man, pretending to be embarrassed to be white.  All would be shamed by John F Kennedy for selling out America, vowing to provide free healthcare for illegal aliens, bashing law enforcement, promising to raise taxes, and promoting open the border for anyone to come into America with a promise of free college and free government handouts knowing such socialist policies will cause the collapse of our nation.  (See Venezuela)  Still, every single Democrat is in favor of partial-birth abortion, where the baby is butchered even during the delivery stage.  Even if the baby survived, the child is left to die, crying up to three hours after birth until the baby dies.

Kamala Harris and other Democrat hopefuls have proposed reparations to African-Americans, falsely portraying herself to have African-American in her, which she doesn’t unless you would refer to her sexual exploration at 29 years old with Willie Brown, a married 60 year old African-American politician who elevated Harris into the political scene.  She pretended she was “that girl” who was bussed, which was not true.  Ironically, Harris’ family was slave owners of African Americans in Jamaica.  Such proposals of reparations would cost an estimated 9-17 trillion dollars.

Elizabeth Warren has called for reparations for gays, claiming our government owes them more than $50 million for the years of a discriminatory tax code.

Bernie Sanders, who lived in his mother’s basement until his early forties, never held a private sector job.  He was a radical protestor who had been arrested by the police for throwing eggs.  He would fit right in with the ANTIFA thugs today.

Sanders, Warren, and Harris each have called for removing Americans from private insurance and forcing all into a once-size-fits-all Medicare for all government schemes.  So why should 250 million Americans who have private health insurance give up their insurance to allow illegal aliens and those who don’t have insurance destroy the system for most of America?

Then you have Joe Biden, who has been exposed for his support of segregationist, conducted the eulogy for Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd, who was the president of the Democratic Senate and a recruiter for the Klan.  Biden too is supporting free health care, free college, reparations, and free Obama phones.  He stated he wants mandatory confiscation of guns and wants to put “insurance executives in jail for misleading advertising.”  That is coming from the same administration (Obamacare) that said, “You can keep your insurance.”

Biden will also have some explaining to do when there are federal indictments from the probe against Trump, which the Washington Post revealed as vice president, he had been in meetings knowing the unlawful surveillance prior to the 2016 presidential election to prevent Donald Trump to become president.

When Biden’s son, Hunter, who had been paid millions and had a $50,000 per month salary on the board of a corrupt energy company, Joe Biden had Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired while he was investigating lucrative deals and corruptions.  Biden even bragged (on tape) how he got the prosecutor fired, abusing his power by threatening to have the United States withhold $1 billion in loans guaranteed for Ukraine if the Ukraine government did not stop the investigation and fire the prosecutor.

These Democratic presidential pretenders will pretend to be anyone or anything to get elected.  They will try to manipulate the voters and sellout  America for votes, which is a far cry from what JFK infamously once said.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at

June 26, 2019

Left Wing Lunacy for June 2019

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Democrats continued their lunacy into June talking about Socialism.  They know from history that Socialism leads to poverty (See Venezuela) and poverty leads to dependency on the government and that dependency leads to more Democrat voters.  So for Democrats, they need as many people willing to get free government services in order to gain more power.  Therefore, it is not what is best for America; but what is best for the Democrats.

California is an example of Socialism in progress as the homeless are dying on the streets of Los Angeles.  There has been an outbreak of measles, whooping cough, mumps, scarlet fever, bubonic plague, typhoid fever, typhus, and tuberculosis from illegal aliens at the border.  Several Los Angeles police officers became ill from the diseases.  Who can the Democrats blame?  They own Los Angeles and California too where more and more Americans struggle despite a thriving economy.  ICE had to quarantine five thousand aliens with such diseases.  Yet, the Democrats are more concern about protecting illegal aliens and providing them free services because Democrats view them as a future voting block for power.  This is why the Democrats have blocked emergency funding to assist Border Patrol and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has compared the conditions to the Holocaust.  I suppose AOC doesn’t know the Jews were forced into actual death camps and 6 million were executed.  Not only are Democrats putting the illegal aliens in danger; but also Americans.

In Mexico, the government responded to President Trump’s threat of tariffs and they have frozen human traffickers bank accounts and sent 15,000 Mexican National Guard to their border.  Maybe Trump is also “Making Mexico Great Again”.   The Trump-Mexico deal will likely end “Catch and Release” as the court also ruled asylum seekers must wait in Mexico for their case to be called.  This will also wreck the cartel’s business of forcing aliens to pay to get them into America.  Border Patrol was also able to stop 116 Africans attempting to come illegally into America and it was revealed a plot by ISIS operatives to sneak terrorists through smuggling routes into America to target Americans and financial institutions.

Meanwhile, California and New York, Democrats have provided driver’s license to illegal aliens with the objective to allow illegal aliens to vote.  Isn’t that foreign influence on an election?  Yes it is.  Suppose we allow those throughout the world to get a ballot and vote for our leaders?  Of course Democrats would love that since they are for globalization and have become the anti-American party.  California Democrats have already used voter fraud in California and AB 693 is another effort to legalize voter fraud.  In Congress, Democrats overwhelmingly rejected a motion to condemn voting by illegal aliens.

Those in California, who already pay the highest amount in the country for gas, must get ready to pay more as Democrats have set gas taxes to increase again on July 1st.  California Democrats will provide free health care to illegal aliens by taxing and penalizing those in California who cannot afford health insurance while New York Democrats have provided 27 million toward college tuition for illegal aliens.

The enemies of Democrats are Christians as California Democrat David Canepa declared war on Chick-fil-A since the company is Christian based.  In Nebraska, a school that declared candy canes too religious has removed any religious symbols from the yearbook.  Diana Martin, an 86 year old widow, was evicted from her California apartment sharing her faith and offering to pray for others.

Whatever the Democrats can’t get by voter fraud, they will attempt to get by brainwashing our children.  The Cartoon Network promoted “LGBT Pride Month” to kids and Disney introduced “Boy Princess” that introduces first gay kiss.  “My Little Pony” featured two lesbian ponies while Target has donated $100,000 “to promote gay lifestyle to school children”.  A seven year old trans child was the center of attention as the boy in heals during the Los Angeles Pride Parade.  Netflix also promoted pedophilia with a drag queen in an indoctrination series.  In Wisconsin, teacher Mark Busenbark, who goes by Vica Steel forced 5 year old students to watch a video of his “transgender coming out” with the blessing of the principal.  Parents were not provided an option to exempt their child and the students must now call the teacher “Mx Steel”.  Vermont will now allow sex reassignment surgeries for children. California is pushing a law (Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99) trying to force churches to embrace the LGBY ideology.

In Virginia, Democrat Joe Morrissey, who had resigned after he impregnated a 17 year old intern and was twice debarred as a lawyer, was renominated for the State Senate even after he was arrested and convicted of child pornography.

In Michigan, mosque leader, Iman Bassem al-Sheraa is “educating” students on the proper role of “wife beating” is she misbehaves.

And that is just some of the lunacy from Democrats in June 2019.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at

June 1, 2019

Left Wing Lunacy for May 2019

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Left Wing Lunacy for May 2019

May was another looney month for Democrats claiming President Trump is guilty of a “cover up” while objecting to Trump allowing Attorney General William Barr to declassify (uncover) the material Democrats claim he is covering up?  Democrats then called on the arrest of Barr since they didn’t like the outcome of the Mueller investigation that found no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, which were the same results of the Senate or House Intelligence Report.  Now they fear the truth is coming out that the Democrats lost an election they rigged and an investigation they rigged to create this hoax as Barr appointed U.S Attorney John Durham to investigate the investigators just as Inspector General Horowitz and U.S. Attorney Huber will soon release reports of abuse of the FISA warrants to spy on Trump and the Uranium One scandal, where Hillary Clinton sold American uranium to the Russians for donations to the Clinton Foundation, which was used to fund her 2016 campaign.

The irony that Democrats claim no one is above the law as they attempted to have President Trump impeached over a Russian hoax, is that these same looney Democrats ignore the immigration laws.  They provide government resources to millions of illegal aliens while 38,000 American veterans are homeless.

May also revealed Vice-President Joe Biden was also involved in secretive meetings of the Russian Hoax with the Obama Justice Department to prevent Trump from being elected (Washington Post).   It was also revealed the FBI had sent an investigator posing as an assistant to meet with a Trump aide in 2016 as well as Ukraine’s embassy reporting the Democrat National Committee had reached out to them to seek dirt on Trump.

Unfortunately Democrats have been watching “Fake News” so they want to believe the hoax; but soon they will see indictments and Obama officials going to prison.  Until then, all Democrats can do is blame anyone associated with Trump and yell, “Impeach” while the crimes against Trump was far bigger than Watergate.

Speaking of Fake News, Covington Catholic High student, Nick Sandmann, is suing NBC for $275 million to go with similar lawsuits against Fake New CNN and Washington Post for falsely reporting against the minor during a Washington D.C. protest.  Even the New York Times agrees that NBC and CNN is patrician and their reports cannot be trusted.

May also proved Democrats “War on Women” by approving bills that destroys women’s rights and endangers children.  Democrats voted for H.R. 5, which removes rights and protection for women in replacement for transgender ideology.   The Democrats would rather allow a man who identifies himself as a woman be allowed, by law, to join female only clubs, join female sports, private bathing, and shelters.  Already high school girls are losing scholarships to boys who identify themselves as women.

In California, pedophiles that prey on children would by law be able to work in a school with children.  How you may ask?  Since California Democrats state pedophilia is a sexual orientation and by the Democrats law, discrimination against sexual orientation is illegal, public schools would be required to hire pedophiles.

Already in California, teachers are required to teach transgenderism to Kindergartners to confuse boys and girls that they are what they feel and not what they are.  Masturbation is taught as acceptable to middle school.   Junior High students are taught anal sex and pedophilia as normal with a Brea Olinda School District administrator stating it is “really important to teach the children about this”.

This type of indoctrination may have led to a high school shooting in Colorado by a “transgender” student, who reportedly hated Christians and Trump.  Of course, the media did not report this or that this he/she ‘s father was here illegally.  The liberal media also refused to report lunacy of Philadelphia Muslim students chanting we will “cut of their heads!”

The lunacy continues in Minnesota where Democrats blocked protection against female genital mutilation, a procedure where genitals of a girl is intentionally altered for non-medical reasons to prevent sexual pleasures.

In Oregon, an illegal alien who raped a dog to death was released after serving 60 days to be released to have protection in the Sanctuary State and more lunacy from California where Governor Newsom is now pardoning felons to allow them to avoid deportation, even crimes of “solicitations to commit murder”.

This is just some of the lunacies from Democrats for May 2019.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.   He can be emailed at

May 28, 2019

Democrat’s War on Women

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Democrat’s War on Women

The Congressional Democrats voted for and passed H.R. 5, which is an assault on women’s rights replaced by rights of transgender ideology.  If this bill were to become law, transgender men, who identify as women, would receive more rights and place women in a disadvantage as well as place women in danger.  The federal bill itself would allow transgender men to join female only clubs, allowing men use showers and private bathing of natural women.    Any restrictions would be considered discrimination.  Transgender men would be allowed to be placed in shelters used for only women.  Often, these women are battered or raped by men; but by law they would be required to be housed with men.  These transgender men would be allowed to participate in female sports nationwide, eliminating scholarships for several women.  Already high school girls have already lost scholarships.

Under President Trump, he reversed policies set up through Democrats that had required shelter operators to make women share rooms with transgender men.  News reports revealed women were kicked out of the shelter when they refused to share the room with such men.  As Trump removed such policies, shelter operators are now required to determine who uses these shelters and bathrooms based on one’s biological sex.  Democrats objected.  Still, seventeen states run by Democrats continue to force women to share such facilities with any man who states he feels like he is a woman.

In Connecticut, 16 year old Selina Soule, lost scholarships and missed qualifying for the New England Regional for track after two boys, who identified themselves as girls, came in first and second in the female track event.  Selina responded, “They took away spots of deserving girls, athletes….me being included.”

As Democrats push H.R. 5 to allow “gender identity” to be a protected class, any man can identify himself as a female at any time, placing women at a disadvantage and also, in some cases, in danger.

An article in the Daily Signal documented multiple cases of biological girls being forced to share locker rooms or bathrooms with boys, despite their safety concerns or discomfort.

Republican Representative Debbie Lesko stated the following about the bill:  “It would allow anyone, at any time, to declare that he or she is a member of the oppo sex without any medical or psychological diagnosis … It would erase women’s and girls’ rights by requiring facilities, such as schools, churches, dormitories, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, to allow biological males who identify as women, in women’s bathrooms, women’s and girls’ shelters, women’s and girls’ showers, and in women’s locker rooms.  This will indeed violate their safety … (it) will eliminate women’s and girls’ sports…. will also require, doctors to provide sex change hormones to adolescents without a medical or psychological diagnosis.  Congress should only pass laws that protect women, not threaten, silence or abandon them.”

The Democrat party not only has a racist history; but also fought against rights for women 100 years ago.

The 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, granting women equal rights including the right to vote.  However, passage of this amendment was fought by Democrats.  Republicans have fought for women’s rights going back to its founding in 1854.  In 1878, a California Republican named A.A. Sargent introduced the 19th Amendment only to see it voted down by the Democrat-controlled Congress.  Each year, the Republicans would introduce the Amendment with the Democrats defeating the effort.

Republicans in California, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Washington granted women rights through the state and by 1918, when Republicans won sweeping victories in Congress, they finally passed the 19th Amendment, granting women equal rights.

The Democrats may tout the Equality Act for transgenders; but their bill does not bring equality to women.  Instead, it only places women in danger, at a disadvantage, and set women back once again as Democrat policies are actually a war on women.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at

May 2, 2019

Left Wing Lunacy for April 2019

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Liberals continued their lunacies for April as President Trump has threatened to release illegal aliens into sanctuary cities.  Now, liberals don’t mind unlawful aliens being released throughout the rest of America; just not in their own towns.  Nancy Pelosi fumed, and Liberal Senator Cory Booker admitted it would make cities less safe. Isn’t that the reason President Trump wants a wall and more border enforcement? America has 38,000 homeless veterans.  How about we secure our border and care for our own first? In many of these liberal cities, liberal lunacy has encouraged more illegal aliens to come for the benefits including free college tuition while denying those same benefits to American families including Gold Star families, whose loved one died protecting America.

After four reports of no Trump-Russian collusion or obstruction, liberal lunatics continue to demand impeachment against President Trump for crimes actually committed by Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in their attempt to oust a sitting president. Released documents from former FBI official Lisa Paige testimony revealed the Obama Justice Department (Loretta Lynch) ordered the FBI not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General William Barr admitted “spying” went on against Trump exploding the minds of liberal lunatics to state surveillance is not spying. Really?

Creepy Joe Biden has announced his run for the presidency despite inappropriate touching multiple women and children. Communist Bernie Sanders revealed he is a multimillionaire despite criticizing millionaires. Robert Francis O’Rourke, who likes to go by “Beto” in order to manipulate Hispanics to believe he is part Hispanic, had a childhood writing revealed that he fantasized about killing other kids with a plot to commit mass murder by running over them with his car. He dismissed the paper as something he did when he was 16 years old. Yet, Democrats want to allow 16-year-olds to vote. They also wish Felons to vote, including terrorists from prison, as well as illegal aliens to vote. The Democrat party has clearly become the party of criminals.

The Democrat lunacy darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has suggested that all women should be registered for the draft and Eric Swalwell, who is also running for president has stated, the “2nd Amendment is not an absolute right,” and has proposed a ban to take weapons away from Americans.

H.R. 5, passed by Democrats, including our own Josh Harder, would allow transgender females, otherwise known as men, to take over female sports nationwide.

After Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats blocked 32 bills to stop infanticide, the murder of babies who survived an abortion, liberal Stacy Abrams called Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill, which would refuse an abortion if the child has a heartbeat, “evil.”

Speaking of evil, Democrats have deleted God from congressional proceedings.

Even the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, where hundreds of Christians were murdered on Easter, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would only refer Christians as “Easter worshippers.”  It seems liberals have a hard time saying the word, “Christian”; but will commonly refer to Muslims under similar circumstances.

The loony media barely covered the murder at the Jewish synagogue as the killer had an anti-Trump manifesto, so that did not fit the media’s profile for reporting.

American hating Representative Ilhan Omar continued making anti-semitic and hate America comments referring to the 9-11 hijacking attacks on America that killed 2,977 Americans as “some people did something.” Yet, liberals are upset that police cars in Laguna Beach, California have the colors of the American flag within the writing on the patrol car, claiming to be an “aggressive cop car.”

Speaking of California, the center of lunacy, sixty percent of California counties are violating federal immigration law and their oath of office. Liberals have also passed AB 1182, which would shorten parole for felons. However, it is okay to “poop” on the streets of San Francisco; but you will be fined if your dog poops on the streets.

Gas prices are also going up again in California on July 1 and get ready for more taxes as California will impose taxes on everything from soft drinks to tires to car batteries to a levy on your water bill.  Assembly Bill 18 proposes an additional tax on the sales of handguns.

California Democrats have also passed SB 419 demanding disruptive students to be kept in the classroom as schools, and the schools are no longer allowed to suspend those students who are defiant to authority.

It just seems what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right in the world of Democrats.

This is just some of the lunacies from Democrats for April 2019.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at

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